3D Edutainment Show


No worries, we can also organize our show in the classroom.

The duration of our show is 30 mins so we can schedule back-to-back shows for 5 to 7 times.

Sir, in the theater, the cost for watching the same 3D movie is 300 rupees per student. Moreover, for students, it becomes even more costly because they cannot watch it alone; their parents also have to accompany them, which raises the charges beyond 1000 rupees. Whereas, here we are offering it at a much lower price.

A minimum of 200 students is required

In that case, you can pay for 200 students and proceed with the show.


If one or two glasses break, there will be no additional charge. However, if more glasses are damaged, you will be required to pay an extra fee.

No need a complete dark room as most schools do not have dedicated dark rooms. However, direct sunlight should not enter the hall.

The school is responsible for collecting payments from the students, and they are collected in advance

Absolutely not. The glasses are cleaned after every show .

Each show lasts only 30 mins .

It is possible to accommodate a maximum of 200 children in one show.

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